The WESTSIDE KING'S CHURCH Board of Trustees

The Trustees at Westside King's Church operates as a governance board to monitor compliances and guide and protect the organization.  It is not a management board and as such operates differently than perhaps you may have experienced in other organizations and churches.  As such the board are always looking for possible trustees who show skills and aptitudes to serve on the board.  We invite committed Christians who serve and attend our community to prayerfully consider whether the board may be a place they can further serve Westside King's Church.

On this page you can download a brief introduction to the board and the requirements of those interested in serving.  You can also register your interest, nominate someone, or simply ask for more information from the board directly using the form on this page.

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Please read the document above to ensure that any nominee meets these criteria before recommending them to the Board of Trustees.
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